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    I don’t support anything Disney !

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    Honestly didn’t should have done 2 things, one release as a binge watch show and 2 released worldwide at same time if they wanted to winme over as a paying subscriber. But they didn’t. Problem is I can get all my netflix content free but I choose to pay netflix cause it’s chap and they let me share with family and it’s binge watchable. I pay netflix for their loyalty to the customer. Again I don’t need to. I could easily pirate content. Disny forced people in UK to pirate heir show which happens to be the biggest IP on planet so if you don’t pirate it your getting spoilt in this centry. What a slap in he face for star wars fans in the UK. Anyway Disney lost me already. I with them luck but no loyalty earned here. I’ll look at them again in 5 years time but I need binge series and a similar netflix model where hey release everything worldwide at same time when original content.

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