Fake Ministry Buys Mansion at Disney’s Golden Oaks After Obtaining Millions in PPP Funds

Golden Oaks

Secret Service recently uncovered fraud involving the Paycheck Protection Program and, oddly enough, a mansion near Walt Disney World. A fake religious organization called Aslan International Ministry was caught scamming the federal government for funds that were meant to protect small businesses in the aftermath of Coronavirus shutdowns. This money has since been returned to the government.

A total of $8.4 million was stolen in this Coronavirus relief scam. A family of four has been accused of creating a fake organization. They received funds in April allegedly to keep 486 workers employed. Instead, it was discovered that some of the money was earmarked to buy a mansion at Walt Disney World. $868,250 in fact. The money was going to be used as a down payment on a $3.5 million home in Disney World’s exclusive Golden Oak Neighborhood. The Edwards family utilized multiple bank accounts and fake names to launder the money they received fraudulently. 

On September 17, the Edwards’ family vehicle was stopped by Florida Law Enforcement on I-75. They have since been released and it remains unclear what consequences they face. We can rest assured that the Secret Service is working hard to uncover loan fraud at this time though. They have seized over $345 million, with more than $50 million in Florida since the start of the pandemic. With their dedication, no federal funds will be assisting in the purchase of Walt Disney World mansions.

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