This Fab 4 Cake Disney Pin is Deliciously Adorable

Disney Pins + Delicious Disney inspired snacks and sweets is totally one of my addictions. The newest pin creation from Studio 1955 combines the tastiness of cake, with the whimsical inspiration of the fab five! The Fab Five Cake Disney Pin might look good enough to eat, but it’s probably best if we just wear it proudly.

This pin is a topsy-turvy delight that captures Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto as tasty layers of a cake. Each layer captures the essence of the character it represents fabulously, complete with Pluto’s ears as the topper. Enamel lapel pins are very on trend right now, and are a great way to incorporate what you love into your every day outfits. Pins go great on jackets, backpacks, totes, hats, and even shoes! I love pins designed by independent artists like this one, that let me add a unique dash of Disney to my everyday wardrobe.

Which accessory would you wear your Fab Five Cake Disney Pin on?

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