Extra Fun with Disney Souvenirs

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Squirt at dinner

I used to buy souvenirs for our family and friends when we first started going to Walt Disney World. We stopped doing that several years ago, however, as it gets expensive and unnecessary after years of traveling to the parks. Now, I usually don’t shop for souvenirs for friends unless they are for other Disney lovers, like my friend Susan, or if it is for someone’s birthday or  special occasion gift.

A couple of years ago, I saw a special plush that caught my eye and I just had to bring it back for my friend and co-worker, Shiela. Shiela is not a Disney fan; I am the Disney fan in the office. Shiela is a sea turtle fan. So a couple of years ago I ran across a stuffed Squirt and just had to bring it to her. When I was back in WDW a few weeks ago, I ran across a really cute Squirt keychain and just had to get it.

The Squirt keychain is the perfect size; just small enough to take anywhere, and that is just what she did. She just got back from her vacation on the beaches of Mexico and look what she sent me.

Squirt lounging at the beach


Squirt on his way to get a drink


Squirt, thankful that this is not him

Bringing a souvenir to a friend is a nice idea and it can also provide extra fun, even around the world. I just love it when people spread the Disney fun around. This is a great idea for kids to do, especially for those just beginning an interest in photography. I thought it might be an idea for many of you! Happy touring!


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  1. Very cute! I do the same about souvenirs now, I do like to bring them back if they will mean something to that person.

  2. I did that one year with my teddy bear. I was traveling alone so posed my bear as if it he was a traveling companion so my pictures had a little personality.

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