Everyone Gets The “Royal Treatment” When Dining With Cinderella

When I heard that I could dine in Cinderella’s Castle, I swear I just about passed out I was so excited. The chance to see the inside of such a magical place was enough to get me to whip out my credit card, and the fact that they serve food there was an added bonus!

Cinderella’s Royal Table is a character meal located at Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. They serve Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, all with a regal flair. We dined here for dinner on our honeymoon, and had a really amazing time.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect when you arrive at the Castle for your meal:

Once you enter and give your reservation information, you then proceed to the picture area, where Cinderella herself greets you and poses for photos with you and your party (the pictures are actually included as part of the package, and they also offered to take pictures with our camera too, which was nice!)

Once your name is called, you are escorted upstairs to the dining area, which is beautiful – high ceilings, dark wood decor, very much what you would expect the inside of a castle to look like. The dining area itself isn’t very large, and there are tables or varying sizes (we had the only 2 person table in the whole place – and it had the best view in my opinion!)


The food at dinner consists of bread, an appetizer (each person chooses their own from salad/soup selections), an entree (usually 5 or so choices, with at least 1 vegetarian option), and a dessert (again, a list of 3-5 options, including 1 ‘no sugar added’ option). Breakfast is “all you care to eat”, meaning they serve you platters of food and you can request as much as you want of everything. Lunch service is similar to dinner, with a few options for each course to pick from.

As for the characters, Disney Princesses are announced early on during meal time and circulate for pictures and autographs. We saw Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Aurora (Cinderella stays in the lobby during the meal so she can greet all her guests as they arrive). The princesses were personable, polite, and spent a lot of time at each table, which doesn’t always happen at character meals.


Some FAQ’s about Cinderella’s Royal Table:

How much does it cost? For adult meals: $45 for breakfast, $49 for lunch, and $55 for dinner, and for childrens meals $30 for breakfast/lunch, and $35 for dinner if you’re paying out of pocket. If you’re using the Disney Dining Plan (Which I strongly recommend!), Cinderella’s Royal Table is a Signature Dining Experience, which means it will cost you 2 Table Service Credits per person on the Dining Plan (remember, the cost does include a photo package of you and Cinderella!)

Is it worth it? It definitely can be worth it. If it’s your first time in Walt Disney World, you’re celebrating a special occasion (like a honeymoon, birthday, or engagement), or you have a Disney Princess fanatic in your party, then it is totally 100% worth it. We were celebrating our honeymoon and wanted something really special, and this was perfect for us. Would we go back? Probably not until we have kids. Personally, I think it’s a one time experience, and I am glad I went for dinner, as it seems to be the best/most popular meal there. If princesses are your goal and you don’t want to spend the money on the Royal Table experience, you may have better luck attending the Princess Storybook meal at Akershus, located in Norway at Epcot’s World Showcase, where all 3 meals offer a character meal with princess appearances at lower prices than you will find at Cinderella’s Castle.

Isn’t it just for kids? NO WAY! This is a great experience for both the young AND the young at heart, and while adults may not be thrilled by the appearance of Belle or Ariel, there are definitely other aspects of the meal that will appeal to them. The setting and view from the castle is beautiful, and there is of couse the FOOD, it is high quality, upscale, worth the price and in a word, delicious!

How’s the food? Like I said, delicious, and beyond that, the dinner choices are fancy (without being so fancy that I don’t know what they are/what’s in them!), and the portions are decent (not huge, but not tiny like some other upscale eateries), and the waitstaff is great and accomodating, and really give you the “Royal Treatment”. Lunch choices (food wise) tend to be similar to dinner, and breakfast in Disney World is always great (and with the family style service you won’t leave hungry!). My husband says this was the best prime rib and creme brulee of any he had ever had (and I am pretty sure he still dreams about the prime rib!

My husband (throughly) enjoying his Prime Rib at CRT!


Is it hard to get a reservation? In a word, YES! Cinderella’s Royal Table is a VERY popular place to eat, and the best advice I can give if trying to score a seat is to be willing to eat at a not so popular time, and to also make reservations as early as possible (Disney lets you make dining reservations 180 days in advance, so take advantage of this!)


Overall, we really enjoyed our experience at Cinderalla’s Royal Table, its a special experience that was a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend it to adults and children alike!

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3 thoughts on “Everyone Gets The “Royal Treatment” When Dining With Cinderella

  1. I think we also had the same table last October! My hubby asked our son if Cinderella was pretty, he just sighed and said real dreamily “yea”. Then we got a pic with her Highness planting one on his cheek. The look on his face says it all. He’s had a crush on her ever since.! We got great pics of the Fantasyland expansion too! Such a wonderful time!

  2. I swear we sat at the same exact table as you. There were 3 of us but we had that table next to the window with the view of Fantasyland. I loved that table because you could look outside while you were eating. We also went to BBB before going there for breakfast. I got the cream cheese stuffed french toast which were delicious!!

  3. We are going this year and having a girls only dinner. But before dinner, the girls are going to the BBB. This will be my youngest daughter’s first trip. It’s going to be a memorable one! Thanks for the post.

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