Is the Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction Getting a New Moana Overlay?

Moana Overlay

Aloha gossip fans it is I, Anonymouse, with some interesting gossip for all of you. Moana the Polynesian princess has followed the call of the Ocean into all of our hearts including mine. For such a popular film, Disney has been seriously lacking in Moana representation across the parks. She had a brief meet and greet opportunity at Walt Disney World but that disappeared earlier this year. She is temporarily back at Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and the line to see her wraps around Adventureland.

Back in April my friends at Chip and Co brought you the news that Disney was in the planning stages of a fourth Moana themed “Mountain” in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. But that idea too has been scrapped with the new focus being on getting the TRON coaster put in place instead.

But Disney isn’t going to let such a popular intellectual property like Moana go to waste. The plan now is to give new life to the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction with a brand new Moana overlay. Don’t worry Tiki fans this beloved attraction isn’t going anywhere. What I am hearing is that new animatronics will be added and songs from Moana’s soundtrack will be put into the show’s mix of tunes. I would imagine that Hei Hei, Moana’s crazy sidekick rooster, will make an appearance with all of the pretty birds too ( hopefully with no singing).

Let’s just hope that Disney does a better job of this overlay than they did with the Iago fiasco. I still have nightmares of Gilbert Gottfried’s voice when the Enchanted Tiki Room was running its “Under New Management” version in 1998. How about you?

As always nothing is official till Disney says it is.

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