Elsa Will Not Have a Love Interest in “Frozen 2”

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Elsa Will Not Have a Love Interested in "Frozen 2"

Elsa will not have a love interest in “Frozen 2”. 

Ever since the release of the original “Frozen” in 2013, fans have speculated that Elsa will have a love interest in future films. It looks like this theory has been shut down for good.

The conversation of a love interest for Elsa has grown with the upcoming theatrical release of “Frozen 2”. Co-director, Jennifer Lee, recently admitted that she and the creative team are aware of this speculation by fans everywhere.

Songwriters for the film, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, recently released a statement at the D23 Expo this past weekend. They have confirmed that the sequel to the beloved movie will not include a love interested for Elsa, nor will it even address the topic.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Like the first movie, Elsa is not just defined by a romantic interest. That’s not a story that we wanted to tell at this point in time. What we really wanted to tell was if you have these powers, how do you grow and change and find your place in the world and find answers that haven’t been found before?”

“Frozen 2” will instead have more to do with Anna and Elsa’s search for their parents. The film will also highlight how Elsa obtained her powers, how they can be tamed, and what their purpose is. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez also shared more about the storyline of the sequel. They hinted by saying, “We’ve gone deeper into [Anna and Elsa’s] heads; we know their parents a lot better.”

Source: IGN. 

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