Easter is Coming to Tokyo Disneyland Resort!

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Easter is coming to Tokyo Disneyland Resort this year from April 4th to June 2nd! Both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland will hold a special “Disney Easter” of fun for 60 days! This year the parks will hold two different themes for the first time in two years. “Disney Easter” will also feature at the hotels and Disney Resort line!

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea renews its Easter theme this year as well as introducing new characters called Usapiyo! The story goes, Mickey Mouse was preparing for Easter and found some chicks drawn on eggshells. Then Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck drew rabbit’s ears onto the shells, then hatched multiple loveable Usapiyo who can be found all over the resort. Usapiyos will star in the Easter parade “Tip-Top Easter” at the Mediterranean Harbor, together with Mickey Mouse and his friends, this fun parade includes 5 floats to celebrate Easter together!

Tokyo Disneyland

Easter is coming back with force this year as Tokyo Disneyland prepares itself for the return of the mischievous and curious character “Utama” for the first time in two years! Utama, the egg character with rabbit ears, will be hatching and causing havoc around the park, requiring Mickey and his friends to chase after them in the fun parade “Utama Major Escape!” where they pursue “Utama” around the park! The parade will appear twice a day and consists of seven large floats with one float being a huge vacuum cleaner or “Utama” detection machine to capture the mischievous eggs!

This egg-citing celebration continues throughout the park as guests will be given a free guide containing hints to where the cheeky eggs are hiding around the park!


At Tokyo Disneyland there will be many decorations of Utashima who are fond of the mischievous Utama! Guests can find Easter themed decorations at the plaza in front of Cinderella’s Castle, showing how bewildered Goofy and Max Goof are of their new Easter friends who are causing mischief! Also in Toontown, guests can find a photo location of Easter Egg maker where “Utama” is born!

At Tokyo DisneySea, many decorations of Usapiyo will appear on the Mediterranean Harbour and American Waterfront. In addition, to celebrate Easter there will be a colourful Easter egg at the entrance, featuring our new favourite friends the Usapiyo! Alongside our new Easter friends, the waterfront park of the American Waterfront will also have decorations featuring Mickey Mouse and Pluto as well as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck!



What better way to celebrate Easter than with bunny-inspired merchandise sold from the 1st April, guests will be able to find a variety of merchandise from hats to souvenirs of our new friends!


The Easter theme is also incorporated into the delicious food offered at Tokyo Disney containing many egg-like menus using egg-like appearances creating an “Egg Food Hunt” for guests. In Tokyo Disneyland guests can dine at the Huey, Dewey & Louie’s Good Time Cafe and eat scrambled egg and ham cutlets on egg-shaped bread rolls! Likewise, in Grandma’s Kitchen, guests will find their rice shaped like a broken egg!

At DisneySea, the New York Deli will serve guests a special set of sandwiches containing ham and avocados in buns which looked like fried eggs! At the Café Portofino, the carbonara pasta dish will have a hidden egg inside! Menus contain other colourful appetizers, desserts like coconut pudding in the image of a broken egg. The desserts will also be sold with a souvenir cup designed “Rabbit Piyo”!

Resort Line

At the Resort Line gateway, “Disney Easter” decorations will be on display welcoming guests featuring limited-time designs free tickets featuring all the characters from the special celebration!

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