DVD Review: Private Practice The Complete Fifth Season

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DVD Review: Private Practice The Complete Fifth Season 1

If you love the always sexy, steamy, and suspenseful medical drama “Private Practice” as much as I do then you are in luck!  The complete fifth season of Private Practice is now available!  Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, Benjamin Bratt, Paul Adelstein, Brian Benben, Amy Brenneman, and my favorite KaDee Strickland are back in action for this intense and suspenseful fifth season!

The practice is faced with many new changes and challenges as new and unexpected people enter and complicate the lives of these doctors.  We start our journey when Cooper finds Pete after suffering a massive heart attack and brain bleed.  It is a rush to save his life.  Pete has a hard time dealing with his near death experience and it really causes a rift in his relationship with Violet.  This health crisis could seal the deal on their crumbling marriage.  They together face many hard decisions that will put their faith in their relationship, family, and love to the test.

After Violet’s horrific attack, she seems to have not been able to really pull herself together emotionally.  She is in the middle of leaving Pete when she learns of his heart attack.  She seems to emotionally be out of sorts and after she decides she really does need to end her marriage she finds herself really struggling to split time with Pete for her son Lucas.  She finds herself involved in a steamy relationship this season with a hot paramedic; and she feels confused and overwhelmed with her feelings not only for him but also for Pete and what she left behind.  Will she be able to put aside her profession and over-analyzing ways for the sake of her marriage?

Amelia has lost her surgical rights at St. Ambrose because of her addiction and finds herself in a situation with Sheldon that could potentially change their relationship forever.  When Amelia finally decides to deal with her addiction after losing her love, she finds herself in one of the most happy and scary situations one could face.  Amelia finds herself pregnant and is having a very difficult time accepting this baby because she has a feeling that the baby will have health issues due to her use of drugs during the early stages of her unknown pregnancy.  After Amelia comes to grips and actually becomes excited about the pregnancy, she discovers gut wrenching news that is sure to shape the rest of her life.  Will she ever be able to forgive herself for the decisions she has made? How will she cope with the unthinkable?  The writers have created such an amazing character in Amelia.  Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) is genius.  She really pours her heart and soul into this character and she has a way of making you actually feel the pain that Amelia is dealing with this season.

Sheldon seems to be falling in love with Amelia and wants nothing more than to stand by her side. Amelia however seems to have other ideas and says and does some cruel things to Sheldon before and during her recovery.  When she finally realizes how badly she hurt Sheldon she apologizes and seems to realize what she lost.  Sheldon is so hurt he just can’t seem to accept her apology.  What will become of their fragile relationship?  Will Sheldon ever be able to let Amelia back in and if so at what level?

Addison and Sam are back together…or are they?  Addison is still struggling with her infertility and her desire to have a baby of her own.  Will Sam support her in her decision or will they part ways?  Addison hires a gorgeous new doctor Dr. Jake Reilly who coincidentally is also her fertility doctor.  What impact will Jake have with not only Addison’s fertility but also her relationship with Sam?  Will Addison get the baby that she so deeply desires?

Just when Cooper and Charlotte seem to have it all figured out…an 8 year old child shows up on Cooper’s doorstep from a one night stand.  The couple is completely shocked when Erica (the mother of Cooper’s alleged child) shows up with this child, however this is just the beginning of what will prove to be the biggest test that any couple could be faced with.  Griffin Gluck plays Cooper’s son Mason and he is phenomenal.  The raw emotion that Gluck emanates is the work of true brilliance.  Mason’s biological mother introduces Mason to Cooper because she is dying of cancer.  Initially no one knows but Amelia accidentally unveils the secret leaving Charlotte facing an ethical decision.  Eventually a bond is formed and Charlotte plays a key role in helping this family deal with the pain and grief that is coming when they deal with the tragedy of  Erica’s impending death.  KaDee Strickland’s (Charlotte) ability to make you love and hate Charlotte at the same time is quite impressive.  Her feisty personality, matter of fact/tell it like it is attitude seems to mask what is really underneath it all.  She to me is one of the most caring and genuine characters on the show.  The way that she steps up for Cooper, Mason, and Erica, really will win you over.

The season finale is a cliffhanger.  The doctors rush to Amelia’s side as she begins labor with her “unicorn baby.”  Pete is jailed for a “mercy killing” and Violet doesn’t understand why he can not just cooperate so he can be released from lockup.  Mason and Charlotte form a bond that will actually make you cry.  Addison arrives home to find Sam saying he wants to be a family.

This season of Private Practice is my favorite yet!  I found myself re-living these episodes for the second time and they had the same effect on me…I couldn’t stop watching and I was always left in suspense and wanting more.  This season is sure to not disappoint.  Not only will you find yourself laughing, crying, and feeling like you want this group to be your doctor; but you will also find an AMAZING blooper real and never before seen bonus features with the cast that will make you feel like you are a part of their families!

Disney’s release of “The Complete Fifth Season” of Private Practice will leave you wanting more!

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  • Private Practice “The complete Fifth Season” on DVD September 11, 2012! (chipandco.com)
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