Drinking At Disney A Tipsy Guide Book To Drinking At Walt Disney World

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Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to check out the latest edition of “Drinking at Disney“. This is a colorful, fun, and “tipsy” guide to the bars, and lounges of Walt Disney World. Not only does this comprehensive guide give you all the ins and outs of drinking at Disney, it is also FULL of beautiful pictures for an up close look at all things tipsy.

First and foremost this was definitely a great book to thumb through as I planned and set up Teacher Appreciation week for my son’s school this week. I have a lot of great ideas for places to go this summer vacation, that’s for sure!

The opening to this book was filled with playful banter between Rhiannon and Drunky, which made me look at this book in a different way than I normally do at guidebooks. After the scene was set this was no longer simply a look at places around Disney to get a drink, it was a glimpse into an adventure of two besties, or maybe nemeses.

The ratings and values for each place is done on a scale of 1-5 Tervis tumblers, or Pineapples. As a Tervis loving pineapple princess, this amused me greatly. You honestly never realize the amount of places to grab a cold one in Disney. One bar I have yet to check out was rated with 5 tumblers, with a value of 4 pineapples, so now I’m obsessed and have to go.

The commentary from both Rhiannon and Drunky make this a really fun read. It was so entertaining, I found myself during breaks pulling it out and choosing a random establishment to read about, instead of watching videos on Facebook.

One of my favorite things about ordering drinks at Disney is novelty! I am such a sucker for specialty glassware, glow cubes and other accessories that come with. This book does a great job of letting you know places that have speciality items like Trader Sam’s, and Jock Lindsay’s. If Rhiannon and Drunky ever do a book on alcohol novelty souvenirs, I’ll be picking that one up too!

My take on this book is definitely a rating of 5 tumblers, with a value of 5 pineapples. Regardless of if you are a Passholder going daily to Disney, or a first time visitor you will learn new things and get value out of this guide.

Drinking At Disney can be found on Amazon as a digital download, or paperback book. I personally suggest it as a hard copy, because it makes a great statement piece on the coffee table!

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