DreamWorks and Disney Studios Ending Partnership


DreamWorks Studios and Walt Disney Studios will be ending their partnership by next summer according to online sources.   The six year relationship between both studios is an amicable one and many have already approached Spielberg about a new partnership with DreamWorks.  Disney’s decision not to extend the partnership, which will probably end after the July release of “The BFG“, comes without many details, but rumored to not have been one that worked for either party.

Universal, 20th Century Fox and Participant are just a few of the studios who appear interested in joining forces with DreamWorks, although all have declined to comment.

Participant and DreamWorks had a major hit with “The Help” which was released by Disney in 2011.  Mr. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” also released by Disney Studios in 2012 brought in $275 million in worldwide sales and won Daniel Day-Lewis and Oscar. but DreamWorks initial deal to supply six movies annually was not met due to financial struggles and Mr. Speilberg’s commitments to outside studios.  The inability to meet the six movie commitment and the acquisition of Marvel and Lucasfilm for $8 billion has shifted Disney Pictures movie focus towards Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney and Pixar.

As Entertainment Writer for Chipandco.com, I will be following DreamWorks news closely to see where one of my favorite movie studios makes their new home.

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