Doc McStuffins: Friendship is the Best Medicine DVD Giveaway

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Doc McStuffins: Friendship is the Best Medicine is out on DVD now and continuing with Comment Party we have one copy for a lucky Chip and Co fan!

“Doc McStuffins” is an imaginative animated series about Doc McStuffins, a six-year-old girl who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and broken toys out of her backyard playhouse clinic.  Assisting Doc with the day-to-day operations at the clinic are her much-loved friends: Stuffy, an overly proud dragon; Lambie, her  cuddly best friend; Hallie, a jolly and caring  hippo nurse; Squeakers, an alarmist squeaky toy fish; and Chilly, a snowman who spends a lot of time getting check-ups at the clinic.  Whether it’s a case of loose stitching, low batteries or a blow-up toy who’s sprung a leak, Doc and her pals are always there to lend a helping hand, while imparting to young viewers the importance of taking care of oneself and others.  Each episode features two 11-minute stories and an original song and showcases the hallmarks of great Disney storytelling – fantasy and wish-fulfillment.

The DVD contains five full length episodes, each consisting of two 11-minute stories, that highlight some of Doc’s favorite toys.

Episodes Featured on the DVD:

  • ENGINE NINE, FEELIN’ FINE! Doc and her toys learn a lesson about dehydration after discovering that Donny’s toy fire engine has run out of water.
  • THE RIGHT STUFF – Stuffy rips his tail and tries to hide it from Doc and the other toys and learns that anyone can get hurt – even brave dragons.
  • CAUGHT BLUE-HANDED – When a mysterious rash of blue spots breaks out among some of the toys in the clinic, Doc traces the “Mystery Pox” back to Donny’s toy monster, Glo-Bo who had been finger-painting earlier in the day and forgot to wash his hands.  Glo-Bo is voiced by Jim Belushi.
  • TO SQUEAK, OR NOT TO SQUEAK – Doc helps a plastic toy duck get his voice back after his squeaker pops out.
  • BEN/ANNA SPLIT! – When Doc’s huggy monkey doll Ben loses the velcro patch that attaches him to his sister Anna, Doc glues it back on and tells him that he will have to stay in the clinic overnight while it dries.
  • THAT’S JUST CLAW-FUL – Doc prescribes physical therapy for her crab bath toy Hermie after she reattaches one of his claws that has fallen off.
  • THE RIP HEARD ROUND THE WORLD – While dancing with Lambie, Doc accidentally rips a hole in her fur.
  • WALKIE-TALKIE TIME – Doc diagnoses a toy walkie-talkie with “Staticosis” and helps find his missing antenna so he can communicate clearly again.
  • DARK KNIGHT – During a sleepover with all of her toys, Doc discovers that Sir Kirby is afraid of the dark and prescribes a night-light to cure him of the “Dark Willies.”
  • HALLIE GETS AN EARFUL – When Hallie is having trouble hearing, Doc gives her a hearing test and realizes that she has extra cotton stuck in her ears.

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129 thoughts on “Doc McStuffins: Friendship is the Best Medicine DVD Giveaway

  1. My little girl love this show, i am grateful for DVR so she a watch them over and over but she would love to have it on DVD. I love your site read everything you post. Can’t wait for our first trip to WDW in Feb.

  2. My daughter who’s turning 3 this October really loves Doc Mcstuffins and wants to have a Doc Mcstuffins birthday theme. Every morning and even sometimes at night she watches every episode of this great and educational show. We love the show coz you can learn from it. She love Doc dearly!:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. We just started watching this show! It’s almost as cute as the way my 2 year old says ‘Doc McStuffins’! ((melt))

  4. Thank you for the chance to win. I commented on Lady and the Tramp II post.
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  5. Our entire family ends up watching Doc McStuffins…not just my 4 year old…and we run the gamat from 4 to 14 to 60 (when she’s with the grandparents). I call that a great show! 🙂

  6. Nice article Chip and this one brought back childhood memories of communicating with my stuffed animals and broken toys and bringing those that were ill to my playhouse clinic!! Good ole days!

  7. This is a show that young kids of all ages can enjoy. My two and a half year old son and 10 month daughter both enjoy watching this

  8. Love Doc. Such a great role model for kids and the family values in this show are great. We love it!!!

  9. We love Doc Mcstuffins!! Such a great show. Stuffie is my daughter’s favorite followed closely by Chilly

  10. Wow, great giveaway! We love Doc in our household. Both my three year old son AND my nine year old daughter are fans ( and maybe me to 🙂 ). Thanks for this great opportunity!!


  11. This is my daughters favorite cartoon!! She asks for it so often that I finally had to set up the dvr so we could have it available at all times 🙂 Plus I enjoy watching it with her win win. This would be a great addition to our collection for car rides so Doc is with us everywhere we go…

  12. Our 4yo twins LOVE this show! All the stuffed animals in our house have been ‘healed’ multiple times now! I also like that they show a girl and her mom in a profession that is not usually dominated by women.

  13. My son loves this show, while he was in the hospital over the summer this is the show he wanted me to find every time we turned the TV on. So glad it’s available on DVD now!!

  14. my daughters (2-1/2 & 4-1/2) LOVE LOVE LOVE Doc McStuffins. EVERY time we turn the TV on, they ask if Doc is on and my older daughter insists on being called Doc McStuffins and wears her toy stethoscope (even asked to wear it in the pool) all day!

  15. I know she’s too old for Doc but my 7 year old daughter LOVES this show! And I’d rather her watch something too young than some of the icky inappropriate stuff out there for kids her age.

  16. All three of my kids love this show! My daughters have a notebook that they have named “Hayley & Emily’s Big Book of BooBoos” Anytime they find a broken toy (or a doll that may havefallen and be injured), it gets logged into the book and they find a way to make the toy “feel better.” This is one of the best shows on Disney Junior right now according to my kids!

  17. my girls, 9, 5 & 2 LOVE Doc McStuffins!!! 🙂 sadly they don’t get to watch her much, we have a Roku box which we love, but it doesn’t have a lot of new Disney stuff.

  18. I love this show! ….I mean, My son loves this show!! 🙂 Seriously though, we love it! Even my two older sons sit and watch it when they’re home sick from school (3 days this week!)

  19. My 3-year old son would love this, because it’s his favorite show and we no longer get Disney channel. He cries for Doc McStuffins! This would make him feel better and keep the ouchies away (well, his tears) 😉

  20. My grandson loves this show …signs along with it and has me call him Doc Matteo , cuz he is ” just like Doc McStuffing ” and fixes his toys

  21. My kids are obsessed with Doc! Of course now they try to make excuses for why they need to go to the doctor.

  22. Love this character and show! Disney outdid themselves developing Doc, her family and story lines. The music is cute too. THis is my daughter’s favorite show. Crossing fingers. Hope we win! WOuld make a great back-to-school surprise!!!!

  23. My two really enjoy this show. its not as big of a hit as Jake but they still enjoy it and think its cute 🙂 wonder when they will add it to the playhouse disney show in hollywood

  24. Doc McStuffins is the best! Two and a half year old Amanda just loves her and her toys. Such a good show. Thank you Disney!

  25. My little girl LOVES Doc McStuffins! We constantly hear the “I feel better” and the “Time for a check up” songs in our house. She even asked our family doctor on our last visit where Doc and Stuffy were! 🙂

  26. We love Doc McStuffins! My son watches it every morning before school! He would love, love, LOVE this DVD!

  27. My kids love this show! My son calls her Doc ‘McStuffings’ and sings the “I feel better’ song after he gets hurt and I console him. 🙂

  28. My kids love Doc McStuffins. We even have a Big Book of Boo-Boos for all of our toy injuries.

  29. My son used to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse only kind-a guy, but he LOVES Doc! The show actually has helped him TREMENDOUSLY with going to the doctor himself! 🙂 I have to say, I kinda love the show too! 🙂

  30. My daughter is OBSESSED with ‘Doc”. I would love to win this for her so I don’t have to keep rewinding the DVR 🙂

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