DIY Customization for Disney Magic Bands

Aaah, pure, simple, magical.
Aaah, pure, simple, magical.

MagicBands may look like an accessory but they are your key to everything at Walt Disney World Resort. No one likes to have the same accessory as everyone else though, and that’s why customization has become the newest Disney fad!

I’ve never been one to match everyone else, so only having 7 colors to chose from for a bracelet everyone is wearing, doesn’t really suit my fancy. Since I go to the parks so often I’m always trying to find new ways to change up my MagicBands so they have a little something different, or even so they match my chosen Disney Bounding outfit of the day. Quite often I’m asked about how I’ve decorated my bands. One way I wear my bands is with the Cloth CoverBands from the Disney Parks stores, it’s great for when I need a little cushion on my wrist. Another is the MagicSlider also available at many stores in the parks. There’s all sorts of mix and match combinations you can do with them. They also have little accessories called BandIts which snap into the little holes along your band.

The CoverBand, and the Magic Slider offered at Disney Parks.
The CoverBand, and the Magic Slider offered at Disney Parks.

The one I’m asked about the most however, is my character themed MagicBands. It’s really a pretty simple look to achieve.

To get the look of a favorite character emblazoned upon my MagicBand, I decided to try a trick I’ve used in the past for customizing birthday favors. My first attempt was making Monster’s University fling disks, and I was very thrilled with the results.

Customizing party favors.

The trick? Temporary tattoos! You can find Disney temporary tattoos at many different retailers, I’ve had the most luck at party stores, and dollar stores. So, first things first it’s time to gather up supplies.

Supplies for customizing your Magic Band.
Supplies for customizing your Magic Band.

You will want your Magic Band of course, scissors, temporary tattoos of your favorite characters, clear nail polish, and a damp paper towel. Now that you have gathered everything at your work space it’s time to get crafting!

How to decorate your Magic Bands with Character!
How to decorate your Magic Bands with Character!


Step 1. Cut out your desired character(s). You’ll want to cut close to the edge of the character to get less goop stuck around your band.

Step 2. Take the clear paper off of your tattoo and lay it sticky side down in the desired location on your magic band. Take your damp paper towel and firmly press it covering the entire tattoo for 30 seconds. It’s very important you do not move the towel or tattoo around as it will cause tearing and smearing.

Step 3. Once dry take a moment to clean up edges, I used a tooth pick to remove any of the tattoo that was hanging off of the color section on my band. If you are having trouble removing some of the gooey stray pieces from parts of the band a little nail polish remover on a q-tip will do the trick.

Step 4. Coat with a reliable clear polish. You want a polish that you know won’t easily crack or chip. Carefully set the Magic Band some where safe to dry. The clear nail polish will seal in your design making it water and crack proof!

Voila your own very character themed Magic Band! You can try this with any temporary tattoo. You don’t have to stick to characters, try taking tats with flowers, patterns, hearts, or even glitter to come up with your own unique designs too.

Hope you have a magical time decorating your bands!

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