Disney World Quick Tips – How to avoid lines

Starting off new series I like to tackle the tough questions, and for me this has to be one of the toughest question facing most families traveling to Walt Disney World Resort. Nobody likes to stand in line. Don’t believe me head to your nearest post office or customer service counter at Walmart. You will see what I mean.If your really daring head there around Christmas 🙂

When my family and I travel anywhere that is one of the things I plan for, avoiding large groups of people. I am not a fan of being confined or enclosed by large groups of people. Why am I telling you this well this leads me into my first tip for avoiding lines.

Go during the off season!

One of my favorite tools online when planning my vacation is by our friends at Touring Plans called Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar.  We live our lives by the crowd calendar when planning to goto Disneyworld. Just knowing what your in for before you even go to the park is most helpful. I also love the feature of Best Parks and Parks to avoid! This leads me to my second tip for avoiding lines.

Know the wait times.

Most people have a smart phone in this day and age. I love my Droid phone because of all the apps. Once particular app I run that is an absolute  lifesaver is Lines, again by the guys at Touring Plans.  Knowing wait times and parks to avoid are essential for any Disney planning. With some simple planning you can cut your wait times down considerably. If you don’t have a smart phone just check outside the rides for signage that gives wait times, that will give you an idea to ride the ride now or come back later. Now onto my last tip.

Use Fastpass.

I am surprised by the number of stories of people who go to the parks and have no idea what Fastpass is. I think I heard someone mention something on the Facebook page just this week about people standing in line and not using Fastpass because they didn’t stay at a Disney Hotel. If you have ticket to the park you have a Fastpass! Click here to learn more on what a fast pass is!

I hope these tips help you on your next Disneyworld Vacation. If you have any tips for avoiding lines let us know in the comment section below.

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