Disney’s Characters in Flight Closed till further notice

According to several news outlets Disney has suspended all operations of it’s Characters in Flight attraction at Downtown Disney due to an accident occurring at the Ocean Park operation in Hong Kong.

Here is more information from The Standard:

Eight people faced terror when a helium balloon at Ocean Park sprang a leak and plunged about 60 meters to earth.

The worst accident since the park opened at Aberdeen 35 years ago left five visitors injured or in shock, though none were hurt seriously. Four had been in the balloon and a fifth on the ground.

Seven park visitors and the operator had been in the SkyStar ride when the balloon failed at 3.45pm yesterday.

The problem was a rupture in the gas-filled bag. Park officials refused to provide details, but some witnesses said the gash was more than three meters wide.

Ocean Park deputy chief executive Matthew Li Sing-chung said the balloon landed on a pedestrian walkway instead of its pad because of the leakage and wind. Other people talked of it hitting a tree and landing near a fountain.

It is unclear if the Characters in Flight ride will reopen at Downtown Disney and Disney has since removed information on the attraction from their site.

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