Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort: One Guest’s View

In 2006, my wife and I spent 15 nights at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort (MoR). This is one of four Value Resorts presently offered at Walt Disney World. In the future, Disney’s Animation Resort will join the ranks. MoR is by far the fan favorite for economy minded Guests. You’ll find that some of the discount packages don’t always include this Value Resort for just that reason.

I will admit that it is my favorite of the bunch. All-Stars Music and Sports along with Pop Century are also good, but the theming at MoR is just a bit better.  Many would argue in favor of Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and so I will cover that Resort in the next installment of this series. But this article is all about MoR, so what follows are my impressions of MoR grouped into three categories:

Location – MoR is located with the other Value Resorts at the bottom end of the WDW property. It is closest to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. But Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT aren’t too far away either. Downtown Disney and The Magic Kingdom will make for the longest Bus rides.

The main drawback also has to do with transportation. All-Star Movies, Music, and Sports share the same Buses. So after a long day at the Parks, you can always look forward to a long wait for a ride back to your Resort, and a crowded one! There is nothing so depressing as watching a Bus with two people on it heading back to The Grand Floridian while you stand for another 30 minutes waiting for your ‘cattle-car’ Bus experience back to a Value Resort!

Accommodations – We rented the standard view room, which is the cheapest option. Doing so usually puts you on the third floor, often facing the rear of the Resort grounds. For my wife and I, this is ideal, because it is quieter. But for those with kids, you will want to make a reservation on the ground floor so that your family can come and go with greater ease. This makes spontaneous playtime more manageable.

The rooms in a Value resort are small. You usually get two double beds with an option for one cot. But once you pack in your luggage and souvenirs, space becomes scarce pretty quick! Love each other before you check in or you will never survive the close quarters!

There is now Internet service available in each room, but the cost is steep. Laundry facilities are also available around the pool areas. So you can splash while your clothes wash!

Features – MoR offers a Food Court, Arcade, Caricature Artists, a DVC Kiosk, and awesome theming. You also have a nice Retail Store at the Resort that not only stocks souvenirs but basic food and personal needs items. But these items tend to be expensive, so plan to bring what you need if possible. You can request a fridge for your room, and if you have a medical condition, it will be free.

Just a quick note about Pizza: You can order a personal size pizza from the Food Court but it isn’t anything to drool over! But from your room you can order a full-size pizza with all the toppings and THIS is worthwhile! Pick it up or have it delivered right to your room. The added bonus here is that the Pizza Box is themed with Disney characters, so it makes a nice touch for the kids.

In conclusion, the heavy theming of MoR is worth the stay on its own! The giant Toy Story characters of Buzz Lightyear and Woody are too amazing for words. As are the other Pixar characters (see above). You just have to see them to believe it! And I find the basic atmosphere and look of this Value Resort to have something extra over the other Value Resorts, excepting perhaps Pop Century.

I would definitely stay at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort again.

Lee Beatens has two sides as a Writer/Artist. His writing side is showcased at the Blog called Disleelandia, and his artistic side is showcased at the Blog called The CANADIAN Kingdom. His improbable third side is showcased here.

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