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    I used to think it was weird to try to decide months in advance where I’d want to eat a certain day, but we made ADRs on our last trip (free dining plan promo, so we pretty much ‘had’ to) and I was so glad we did!

    My husband and I are vegetarian and had never been to Disney with that ‘restriction’ so that forced me to look at all the menus in advance and find the places that I thought would have the most variety / best options for us. We were never disappointed with our meals and had tons of variety instead of ending up eating veggie burgers every day due to poor planning and not knowing what is out there.

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    Tara Jean Schaaf

    Did this for my honeymoon 11 years ago. My husband thought I was insane calling six months ahead, but it worked out great and we got to eat at so many places. We went a couple of years ago and I didn’t have a chance to plan ahead and it was terrible trying to find places to eat.

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    Amber MacNeil

    Thanks for the tips , and I LOVE the Flynn picture! I almost spit out my coffee!! 😀

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