Disneyland Will Soon Debut New FastPass Kiosk In Tomorrowland

The Disneyland Resort has gone through some major changes when it comes to fastpass options and distribution. Recently, with MaxPass and the Disneyland App, selecting a ride time has never been easier. Now, the resort is about to debut a new FastPass option for guests visiting Tomorrowland!

Disneyland Will Soon Debut New FastPass Kiosk In Tomorrowland

Starting this month, Disneyland Park will have a central FastPass kiosk for three Tomorrowland attractions. This kiosk will allow guests to obtain paperless fast passes for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Space Mountain (currently Hyperspace Mountain), and Star Tours. This new FastPass distribution area will be located by the Tomorrowland Theater starting October 15th.

Disneyland Will Soon Debut New FastPass Kiosk In Tomorrowland

The digital FastPass will be available for review on the Disneyland App. Guests can select their return time on the touch screen and then get back to enjoying their park day. Guests will only be able to select one pass at a time.

If this system proves to be successful, then the resort could implement more of these digital kiosks in surrounding lands at both parks. This could also help with the flow of crowd traffic in more high volume areas. The company has already implemented changes to Tomorrowland to help with crowd flow in its entrance. Earlier we reported on the rocks placed at the entrance of the land were in progress of being removed. Ultimately, these new systems and renovations will help during the busier holiday seasons in the parks.

What land would you like to see this kiosk in next? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Orange County Register

Photos thanks to our friend and Disneyland correspondent, Monique: @gimmemodisney

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