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    Daniel Mullarkey

    If you use a Travel Agent (like me – 🙂 ) then they can add it to your package. You can also call after booking to have it added. However, there isn’t a monetary savings on the meal. I do it simply as a way to avoid paying during that week. It feels lIke I’ve saved that way.

  2. 3

    Daniel Mullarkey

    I agree the accommodations are Deluxe at Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian. I went with the Disneyland Hotel being priced more moderately than Grand Californian. With such a difference in price, I went with GC as a Deluxe by itself. I understand your point as well. There’s definitely an argument to make there!

  3. 2

    V No Privacy

    DL hotel / Grand Californian / Paradise Pier = 2 moderates and 1 deluxe? Which one is the deluxe? I see DLH and GC (having stayed at both, and am a regular at deluxe hotels at WDW) both as deluxe. Interested to hear your viewpoint. Thanks.

  4. 1

    Douglas Smith

    How do you prepay for a character meal? We are going to Disneyland in a week and I am planning on a character meals and if prepaying for it can save me money, I’m all for it.

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