Is Disneyland Paris Falling Apart?


There have been many complaints about the condition of Disneyland Paris. The complaints range from cancelled shows to broken down rides and re-heated food. It has been said the resort is in serious need of repairs and a major overhaul is needed because things are literally falling apart according to the Independent.

There has been a petition signed by over 5000 people to improve the condition of the magical place. It has been placed on the desk of Disney CEO Bob Iger.  Keep in mind that Disney only owns 39.8 % of the resort.

Jake Howarth, from London, was one of the visitors to sign the petition. He said: ‘I have long been a visitor to Disneyland Paris, and over the last few years have sadly seen a decline in a number of things, all of which have been mentioned in the petition.

‘What strikes me about all of the Disney resorts I have visited is that, no matter where people are from, the one thing that remains the same world over is the Disney magic.

‘Therefore, I feel it is unfair that Disneyland Paris has been allowed to decline so sadly, and its visitors are allowed to experience what I believe is now an inferior experience.’

He also claimed that food in one of the resort’s most expensive restaurants appeared to have been re-heated.

‘We received our dishes in less than five minutes which is obviously too short a time for our food to have been cooked after we ordered,” said Mr Gallant.

The petition also claims the park’s fast food outlets are expensive and can’t compete with other nearby restaurants, like McDonald’s.

It also states the ‘early’ closing times of the resort’s restaurants. ‘When Disneyland Park closes at 11pm guests expect to be able to have an evening dinner, only to discover the restaurant closed at 7.30pm,’

Disney acknowledges a number of stage shows have been cancelled due to budget cuts.

Disneyland Paris Resort has always been considered a less than magical imitation of Disney World  in Florida.

I had no idea it was this bad there. Has anyone ever been there? What did you think?

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