Disney World Resort Rooms to get rid of comforters


I have to admit I have not been to a Disney World Resort resort since earlier this year, so when I saw rumors floating around that Disney was removing all of those themed comforters from the rooms I had to find out more.

I had it confirmed by 3 different Cast Members that that comforters are being removed from all of the resort rooms. They are still in the process of removing them from all resorts. Only about a quarter of the resorts have been done so far. They will replace the comforters with a runner at the bottom of the bed made in the same pattern as the old comforters. The beds will now have 2 thin flat sheets with a blanket in between. They say it’s to give the rooms a “more updated look”.

There is no word on how long this transition will take and there is no schedule as far as what resorts will be done and when.

I know many of you are thinking ,what happens if I get cold? You can ask for blankets if you need them. They are not the fluffy comforter type blankets, they are more like a hospital type blanket. It’s Florida, so you shouldn’t need too many blankets but if you do feel free to ask for as many you want. She did tell me that word is they will leave extra blankets on the shelf where they keep the extra pillows.

I think that is going to take away from the theme of the rooms. What do you think?

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19 thoughts on “Disney World Resort Rooms to get rid of comforters

  1. It’s just cheap! Just got back from the Beach Club Villas and the queen bed had a white sheet and 5 white hospital pillows. There was a nearly disposable blanket under the white sheet. I have pictures! No coverlet…nothing! I went to front desk and asked if they weren’t finished with my room, and they replied this was industry standard, and for my protection. Ridiculous! My friend is an entomologist and says bleaching white sheets does not remove bedbugs! It’s just another way to lower the Disney bar! Walt always said to PLUS things, but now they are minus. it’s a shame.

  2. Great idea. I agree with Kristen that conforters are disgusting (at ANY hotel). If I want to sit on the bed, I always move the cover back to the sheets. Also, this has got to be a LOT easier for the housekeeping staff. Anyone trying to put a comforter cover on the comforter has got to know how difficult it is. It is still Disney! Also, if you are cold, you can adjust the temperature in the room.

  3. No big deal to me. We never even use them anyway. We just take pictures of the room as soon as we get there if it is somewhere we’ve never stayed before and then we just fold them back. It wil kind of make the room look a little less “special” when you walk in though.

  4. The Contemporary had already done that when we were there around Halloween. Of course, that hotel is intended to be “more updated” in the theme. There was an extra blanket in the closet and we requested another.

  5. No! Those big white comforters are 1000000% better than the nasty bed covers they have. I SPECIFICALLY stay at Coronado to have them. Ugh!

  6. I like this look, many of the top end hotels in Florida are going in this direction and it is clean and classy.

  7. We just checked out of pop century today and our comforter was replaced mid trip. They left extra blankets with the extra pillows. I don’t think it took away from the theming at all. Plus we always remove ours anyway.

  8. We were just at Port Orleans Riverside in a Royal room too and no comforter. I thought they were forgotten somehow. Then about 4 days into our stay, the runners were placed at the foot of the bed. The theme is really subdued without the color pop of the comforter. I was really bummed.

  9. We were at Port Orleans Riverside in the Royal rooms over Thanksgiving and they have already done that there. I thought it was a bit odd.

  10. Don’t know why they felt the need for a more “updated” look . . . actually I think it’s more chincy than updated. And yes, now they look like every other hotel room. When I go to Disney, and pay for Disney, by golly I WANT Disney!!!!

  11. I can concur…were at as sports and thats all we had..it seems like the bedding is missing!! feels like a reg hotel now!!!It def took away from the theming!!

  12. I think it’s excellent – comforters are disgusting and the patterns can hide all manner of stains. We always remove them immediately anyways.

  13. Boo! Comforters are more luxurious and now the rooms look generic. I just don’t get why they would use hospital blankets. Bleh.

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