Disney World Quick Tips: Don’t Miss the Sponteneity

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With the rumors and testing of Disney’sXPass coupled with the recent ticket price increase, one might wonder if you’re expected to pre-plan every moment of your Walt Disney World vacation.

I’m a planner. I love to plan. I will plan our vacation months in advance. It is part of the fun for me. I enjoy scrolling through the myriad of links I have bookmarked, reading and re-reading tips and tricks about planning your vacation at Walt Disney World. I make lists and spreadsheets of what we want to try new, where we want to eat and any attractions or shows that are a must-see for each of our family members. I prepare a tentative touring plan for each day, with room for adjustments as needed.

Even though I love to plan, I never want to lose sight of what the basis of Disney is really about. The magic. In a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom, we arrived around 9:15 a.m. We began our visit by starting in Adventureland,  and the heading to Frontierland. We happened upon the Frontierland Hoedown where we participated in an impromptu bout of the Hokey Pokey. The kids had a blast with Brer Rabbit and the Country Bears.

Although I’m positive you can search and find the approximate times of the Hoedown each day, as well as when to search for PUSH or DiVine, the sense of magic and wonderment you and your children will experience by embracing the spontaneity will add some pixie dust to your day. I could have scheduled the Hoedown into our day, in fact, I have tried several times unsuccessfully. By allowing Disney to do what Disney does best, we were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained.

Disney Parks continue to see an increase in visitors, both internationally and domestically, each year. While this may enhance the need for pre-planning some of your day, don’t forget to stop and take in your surroundings. You never know when a character might pop out of a hidden alcove, or a rowdy dating game (with bad jokes!) ensues, or be invited to participate in an impromptu game of Hokey Pokey.

Have you experienced any un-planned shows or characters appearing suddenly? Does it add just a bit of magic to your day or do you find it to be a hindrance? Do you prefer to plan to see these types of shows/interactions or would you rather leave them to happenstance?

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  1. I wondered up on the Hoedown last trip, while i was wondering around by myself (the girls were waiting in line for Rapunzel ) it was so much fun and all the kids were having a blast!

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