Disney World Quick Tips – Save money by packing a lunch

While we love the Disney Dining Plan and have used it in the past, last year when we purchased our Annual Passes we also picked up a Tables in Wonderland Card. It just made more sense for us since we have 2 trips so close together and with one infant and one fussy eater out of pocket was cheaper. For more on Tables in Wonderland vs Disney Dining Plan check out this article.

What we like to do while we are at Disney World is take a break about mid day is sneak off to the room for naps, to freshen up, and to explore. That is only after eating a bag lunch either in the room or in the parks. For us heading back to the room for a little R&R makes more sense for us but you can also bring your lunch with you as long as you follow these tips for bringing a cooler with you. Disney World Planning 101: Packing a cooler

As many of you know we live in North Carolina and for now driving is how we get to Disney World. As our youngest gets older we will start flying but for now we do not mind the drive at all. Before we leave for Florida we usually stop by Aldi (local grocery store) and get Sandwich Supplies, drinks, chips, and snacks. Since we don’t overload our suitcases with extra clothes we have the room.

So when we get to the parks and have our breakfast, then around lunch time we head back to our room for some sandwiches. After lunch my oldest daughter and I like to explore our resort, and go Resort Hopping. Nap time is usually an hour so we don’t want to venture to far. We are both looking forward to walking around the Animal Kingdom Lodge this time around.

If it is warm enough this would be a great time to head to the pool. Our last trip when we stayed at the Boardwalk Inn & Villas so we loved an afternoon dip at the pool.

So by packing a lunch over the course of a week you will save a ton of money and find that you are not burned out by the end of your vacation. Also don’t forget drinking water saves money!

Happy Planning

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