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    Tara Wood Kniskern

    We average about 10 miles a day. Last August, we walked 76.5 miles in our 7 day trip, and we keep a fairly good pace up. My daughters (15 and 10) did great, but my oldest (22) who was only there for one day with us did not. He was falling asleep every time we sat down. 😉

  2. 8

    Lauren Kilpatrick

    Im gonna get a pedometer for my next trip

  3. 7

    Deborah Zindle-Santana

    This was really helpful and gave me the reality check I need to buy my new sneakers now and start walking. I’m going at the end of August. I’ve go work to do.

  4. 6


    Never realized how many miles you actually walk at WDW!

  5. 5

    Christine Stradtner Burke

    Thanks for this article! We’re going in Nov and I had thought about bringing a pedometer to see how far we walked. Never thought about starting to walk now – will be doing that this week!

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    Anne Lafleur Gillis

    Three years ago my husband bought me a strollometer for my stroller for my annual week long disney trip with my sister and our 2 boys, we always try to stay in the boardwalk area so as our husbands say” we can get our walk on” At the end of day 5 we were at 126.5 miles and the batteries died that night while we were returning to epcot for a night cap after putting boys in PJS and bundling up . We have never used it again as that freaked us out. Yes we do walk to HS, and EPCOT from hotel , we also walk thru Epcot to catch Monorail to MK , the only park we use transportation for is AK, can’t wait to get our walk on again in Dec.

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    We took the family to WDW in September 2010. Starting that spring, my youngest (age 8 at the time) and I started our “Disney Walks” around the neighborhood. We would go out about once a week. We started with a mile and by the time we left for vacation, we were walking 5 miles. It was great to just talk about things (usually we planned our Disney days and/or day dreamed), but it was also a great help when we finally arrived – he was ready for the hours of walking!

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    Sarah Estelle-Hintz

    We average about 11 miles per day. And I wonder why I am exhausted when we get back home!!!

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    I also recommend icing your feet/heels/arches at the end of the day in your resort room. Just take some clean zip loc baggies and fill them w/ice from the resort ice machine and rest your feet on them for as long as you can stand it, then a hot shower w/exfoliating foot scrub and, lastly, lotion to massage in to moisturize before bed. I swear this helps with some of the soreness and achiness the next morning….

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