Disney World Quick Tips – Make Sure To Plan Some Down Time

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The more often you travel to Walt Disney World the more obvious this thought becomes – you can not possibly do everything in one (or two, or three, or four,etc.) visits. On every visit the importance of actually scheduling some “down” time becomes more and more apparent. If you tour like a group of crazed commandos your enjoyment of your vacation varies inversely with the length of the visit. Yes, you can get tired of Walt Disney World if you wear yourself out early in your trip.

There are lots of things you can do to prevent yourself from hitting the “WDW Wall” before you get halfway through your vacation. When we visit, we do a number of these things and as you visit more and more you begin to understand how these things can really enhance your park time. Try a couple of these:

  • Take a Daily Break : Go to the parks early, enjoy as many attractions as you wish, have lunch, and go back to your resort for a quick nap (great for us older folks) or a relaxing dip in the pool. You can then go back to the park to enjoy the evening hours. If that doesn’t work for you just go to one of the resorts for lunch and a quick break.
  • Schedule A Day Off : The most common vacation length is roughly a week. Schedule a down day in the middle of your visit to hang around your resort, visit other resorts, play golf, etc.
  • Avoid Extra Magic Hour (EMH) Parks : These are the parks that get verrrry busy, especially for the evening hours. If you go to one of these parks, go early and leave early, take your short break, and go to a non EMH park for the evening. While the morning EMH parks are busy they are a lot less busy than the evenings because our crazed commando friends are probably sleeping in a bit so they can head for their next evening EMH park.
  • Take Your Time When In The Parks : Don’t just run from attraction to attraction. Take some time to find some of the quiet spots (they are in every park) and spend a few moments to relax. This will make a huge difference in your days and your entire vacation. You might just find some magical moments that you might have otherwise missed.

These are just a very few ideas on how to make your trip less tiring, avoid meltdowns (both kids and adults), and how to enjoy your vacation from beginning to end. These thoughts don’t just come from the top of my head, this is what we do and now we no longer need a vacation to rest from our vacation. Give a couple of them a try, I guarantee you won’t regret it. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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