Disney World Quick Tips – Free Celebration Buttons!


Who doesn’t love to celebrate good times? What better place to celebrate than at Disney? And what better way than a Free Celebration Button?

Getting a free celebration button is very easy. Ask a Cast Member when you are making your vacation reservations about celebration buttons. The Cast Member can add a note to your reservation indicating exactly what you are celebrating. You can celebrate several different kinds of accomplishments such as a birthday, anniversary, first visit, engagement, and graduation or you can even make up your own celebratory event!  In addition to asking the type of celebration, the Cast Member will also ask the name of the person celebrating and the number of years depending on the type of celebration.

When you arrive at your resort for check-in, the resort Cast Member will give the person in your party who is celebrating his/her very own personalized celebration button. If you forgot to add the celebration to your reservation before hand, just ask the Cast Member for a celebration button while you are checking in at the resort. Once you have your button, feel free to wear it as many days of your trip as you wish!

It is a great feeling to hear “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday” from Cast Members as well as from other guests throughout your stay! Celebration buttons are a fantastic way to make your trip a little more magical and personalized plus get a great souvenir. What events have you celebrated at Disney with a free celebration button?

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9 thoughts on “Disney World Quick Tips – Free Celebration Buttons!

  1. Congrats – Definitely rock the ‘just engaged’ buttons! We got engaged on the first day of our last Disney trip (his first time ever – so we had already planned it to be a big trip) and wore the buttons for the rest of the week. Not only did we get tons of “Congrats” from the cast members and other guests, but it was like being in a secret club with the other “Just Engaged” people, complete with smiles, handshakes, and high fives.

    We also got a few unexpected perks, like a free glass of champagne at one of the restaurants, but the best one we got was when were spotted by a cast member who was recently engaged to another cast member, and called us over to ask where/how he proposed and swap stories. They then gave us ‘fast passes’ good for a special viewing area of Illuminations at Epcot that night… it was our second day in Epcot and the view was 1000x better at the special viewing area.

  2. I am going to Disney World in 16 days and it turns out we are not only Celebrating my Birthday, but also being ENGAGED!!!!

  3. We got 1st Visit ones when we arrived at DL, then we got Ariel ones at the Princess Breakfast at Ariel’s Grotto and I got our girls Honorary Citizens of DL on our last night. We love our buttons! 🙂

  4. My son got his first visit button this last time and we got a Family Reunion button since we were with my husband’s whole family!

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