Disney World Quick Tips – Drink water to save money

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I am in love with these new Mio Liquid Water Enhancers! They taste so good and unlike a Crystal Light packet you don’t need exactly 16oz. I have found myself going out to eat at the various restaurants here in Greensboro and ordering water only to squirting in some Mio. When the waitress tops off my water I just another squirt.

Before you ask no I am not selling Mio nor am I the official spokesperson, I am just a fan.

So on our next Disney trip we are going the Annual Pass & Tables in Wonderland Option. So that means unlike the Disney Dining Plan we will be paying out of pocket for everything. Which leads me to our Disney World Quick Tip for today. Drink water to save money. You can save a lot of money by asking for water and avoiding pop or other soft drinks.

I will say I am not a huge fan of plain water. I usually like to add lemon or something else for flavor. Our next trip in September we are going to be bringing 4-5 Mio Water Enhancers with us add some flavor to our water. Over the course of the week we will save a TON of money just by drinking water and adding Mio.

Try it out next time your at Disneyland or Disney World. If your not on the Disney Dining Plan and have to pay out of pocket for your soft drinks ask for water instead. Stash a Mio in your pocket or purse and get a tasty beverage and save some green while your at it.

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8 thoughts on “Disney World Quick Tips – Drink water to save money

  1. I just saw MiO coupons on the customer service desk at my local Kroger store. Didn’t pick one up because I wasn’t sure if they really taste good (not all water enhancers do). I’ll have to check & see if they have any left next time I go in & give MiO a try.

  2. Where exactly would one find this Mio product? It sounds like something I might like to use even outside of Disney. Thanks!

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