Disney World Quick Tip – Avoid getting burned

We have all seen it. Walking around the park you see a person in front of you a bright shade of red. Most times they are from the north and not used to the Florida sun.

(Disclaimer –  I am not making fun of northerners since I am from Pennsylvania myself)

Even in the winter the sun in Florida can be brutal. One loop around Epcot can really add some color to your skin as there is not a lot of places to grab some shade unless you want to check out Club Cool

My quick tip today is kinda an advertisement too. My family and I use Bullfrog sunscreen. I learned of this product when I moved from PA to Florida and would go out and surf all afternoon. Bullfrog is so great you put it on once and forget it..I almost never burned even after 8 hours of heavy surfing. Bullfrog puts on a protective layer of skin that keeps out the bad stuff but lets the good stuff in. Its almost magical..lol

One of the best things about Bullfrog at the parks is you put it on in your room before you head off to the parks and you are covered all day long. Depending on your skin type you can figure out the best SPF that works for you. SPF 36 seems to work the best and it is of course sweat proof for those hot summer days.

You can get the lotion which seems to last longer or the spray on mist. Most times I get 3-4 full body applications with the mist and 7-8 with the gel/lotion.

Whatever you decide do yourself and your skin a favor put on some sunscreen!

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