Disney World Planning 101 – Skipping the Bag Check

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Alright all you Disney park fans out there. I know that, just like me, you have gotten to the parks so excited about being in “the world,” you have jumped off the bus, headed to the park entrance, joined all the folks happily bouncing up to the turnstiles and then realized, darn it – I have to stop at bag check. Ugh, just let me into the park!

What’s even worse is that guilty feeling I get from sticking my foot out to trip all those bag-less people just so I can be first…it is really hard on my psyche. Please forgive me if you have been a victim of my wicked ways, tee hee – only kidding:)

But seriously, sometimes I just want to be one of the lucky ones without a bag; and sometimes I AM one of the lucky ones without a bag. Each time we visit I choose one day to go to the park empty-handed. I stuff my itinerary, chap-stick, money and key to the world in my pocket and enjoy one day free from carrying anything and avoiding the bag check. I slide right into the park and make a mad dash for my favorite ride.

If you really think about it, do you really need to carry all that stuff every single day? You can put on waterproof, sweatproof sunscreen before heading to the park and it lasts all day.  Take advantage of the free ice water from the counter service walk up counters. You can carry your itinerary, complete with ADR confirmation numbers, right inside your pocket. Free yourself for just one day and enjoy the park. At the very least, if you have young ones, rent a locker and use it throughout the day as you need to – it’s just one day!

For more about renting lockers at WDW, look for my post about locker rentals later this week.

There are many times when we all have to go through bag check; especially on the days when we are carrying ponchos for water rides, snacks, jackets, camera case, etc. (and I remember that this is much harder when you have young ones); it just feels so good to be free to let loose for one day. For days such as those, I can rest assured I have everything I need right inside my pocket.

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