Disney World & Disneyland Donate Food to Those in Need

Disney World and Disneyland donate food

Since the announcement of park closures for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, the resorts have turned their focus to helping their local communities by donating food to those in need. 

Beginning on Tuesday, March 17th, cast members of The Walt Disney World Resort have joined the Distribution Services team who oversees the collection and delivery of donations to the community, and also shares any surplus of food inventory with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. (Surplus food inventory includes fresh salads, greens, and hot cooked items.)

These donations are able to happen due to the dedicated cast members who are helping every step of the way by collecting, sorting, and distributing every item- with food safety at the top of mind. 

At the Disneyland Resort, food donations were able to begin over the weekend. The team was able to donate excess inventory of dairy, fruit, vegetables, packaged goods, and banquets meals that were shared with the Second Harvest Food Bank. Then the food was moved quickly to pantries and food distribution sites throughout Orange County, all while closely following safety guidelines. 

Both parks have a longstanding commitment to reducing food waste- food that is unserved is regularly donated to places in need to support the local community. In fact each year the resorts donate 1.2 million meals to their local Second Harvest Food Bank as a part of their commitment to giving back and reducing food waste. 

The parks have always had a cast member, guest, family, and community-centric focus and are showing it through their actions. These donations of food, both fresh and shelf-stable will positively serve their communities in the days and weeks ahead. 




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