Disney World could remain at reduced capacity until 2022

Disney World

It seems like the current Disney World park capacity limits are expected to stay the same until 2022.

With COVID-19 concerns and many CDC guidelines still present, the Walt Disney World theme parks continue to operate at limited capacity. The current park capacity is 35% for the Disney World theme parks. It’s been that way since late 2020 due to the six-foot rule between separate parties and other CDC guidelines. Disney’s 35% capacity is the maximum amount of guests to allow for social distancing throughout the parks.

We’ve got to see the vaccine working. A whole lot of things have to happen before Disney is going to feel comfortable allowing more people back in.

– Dr. Mark Johnston, Professor of Marketing at Rollins College.

Dr. Johnston predicts the earlier the park may open to full capacity would be this fall, but he says even that doesn’t seem likely.

“It’s very difficult to see that happening until possibly late 2021 or more likely early 2022.”

Disney World recently announced it wasn’t selling new annual passes. Experts say with limited capacity, the parks can make more money from people paying for the day pass.

Disney Park fans are hopeful new annual passes will return eventually. Those who currently have them can still renew.


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Kevin Koszola