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    My hubby has been collecting these “squished pennies” for a couple years now and has three books full. We need to find a fourth book this trip. The tip about the change purse is a great one. He usually sticks them in his pocket and I am sure he has probably lost a few along the way … not to mention his pants getting heavier. : o )

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    We will definitely be starting a new collection 🙂 can’t wait.
    thanks for the tips.

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    Sheryl Byers Roberts

    We collected when we went in February. My kids LOVED it! My son still looks at his collection nearly every day! The favorite machines were the manual crank machines. It took some work to crank them, but they loved doing it themselves! It was definitely better than coming home with plastic toys that would break within days!

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    We’ve been collecting the pennies for several yrs now whenever we go on vacation. We just got back from Disney & had so much fun searching for the penny machines. Especially in the different countries in Epcot. One thing to know, in Epcot, they do not have the machines in China or Japan. You can only get their coins from the gift shop @ the International Gateway, which I believe was right after Canada. We had a container full of change that we were planning on cashing in b4 our trip but never got a chance to, so all that change came in handy for the penny machines. We were able to fill up one whole book by the end of our trip. There are also a few qtr machines. These are $1.25 & it presses on a qtr. We only got a couple of these. Happy penny hunting! :0)

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    We just started collecting pressed pennies. We got a few our April trip then spent our get-a-way in December finding all the machines. If you forget a list they will print them for you at Guest Services. Also, I had my pennies/Quarters all prepared in a giant M&M container in my carry on and security dumped them all out 🙁 Most cashiers are more than happy to make change for you and some machines have quarter dispensers right next to the machines. Finally, have some extra quarters because there are quarter machines too.

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    Misty Mc

    Good tip on collecting them into a coin purse and then putting them into the collector’s books each evening.  That is a great time saver because it’s true: those books get heavy after a while.

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    With regard to #1, find pennies pre mid-1982 as they are all copper.  Post mid-1982, they converted to zinc with copper plating.  The all copper pennies work better and don’t end up with funny zinc streaks in them.  Just use some vinegar and salt to clean them to make them shiny. (Or use ketchup). 

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    One of our days last trip my Wife and I went all over the parks specifically to hunt for penny presses. It was a blast.We now have quite a few,but not nearly as many as we will with the list.It’s a fun way to check out more than just the “E” ticket rides (I’m dating myself!)

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    Jenni Rust

    Oh my word, my son will LOVE this!  I didn’t even know there were presses at WDW.  I’ll let you know how many we get!  Thanks!!  =)

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