Disney Themed Valentine’s Family Movie Night with The Princess and the Frog


You guys know how I feel about a theme!  I love to put things together and watch every detail fall into place!  Today I’m combining my love for all things themed with my adoration of the best day of the year (well to me at least)…VALENTINE’S DAY!  Today, I’m paring up one of my favorite Disney love stories, the Princess and the Frog with my favorite holiday!

There’s an old saying that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.  I say with 100%  assurance that this is totally true!  This post is the prince equivalent to that perfect pucker.  Combining some true New Orleans favorites for your family with some crafty creations from Spoonful.com, this movie night is a crowd pleaser and a perfect way to celebrate a day the day of LOVE with your family!

What’s Cookin’?

Charolotte’s Favorite Shrimp and Grits

Ray’s Red Beans and Rice

Louis’ Brass Bread

Tiana’s Man Catching Beignets

Prince Naveen’s New Orlean Praline Ice Cream

Do the Decor

  • Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate!  Decorate for this night of family fun by throwing some Mardi Gras beads (traditional colors or pay homage to Valentine’s Day) into the bottom of a candle votive.

Make a Mood

  • Set the mood with some simple clear Christmas lights
  • Play some music from New Orleans
  • Candles are must
  • Chocolates are welcomed
  • Play some games before the movie!  A Princess and the Frog memory game  it is as easy as click, print, cut and play!  What a perfect way to wet your movie watching appetite as you digest your dinner!

And POOF!  Just like magic,  you’ve got yourself a wonderful Valentine’s Disney themed family movie night!  I hope that you’ll check out my Pinterest board for more ideas to make this a magical night for your family.  You’ll find links to recipes,  crafts, and ideas there!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

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