Disney – The Champions Of ‘Underpromise’ And ‘Overdeliver’

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First of all, these are my personal opinions and you may or may not agree. Regular visitors to any of the Disney venues already know what I’m talking about in the article’s title. Disney regularly tells you what they are going to do, they do exactly what they promise and then as Walt Disney himself insisted on for everything offered by his company, they ‘Plus It’. In other words, they do just a little bit extra to make the experience that much more memorable. I’m not going to lay out a bunch of particulars, instead I’ll offer some general observations and a few examples where appropriate.

Disney never does anything half way. Whatever they do is done the best way possible. Have you ever noticed how freshly painted everything looks even after 55 years at Disneyland and 40 years at the Magic Kingdom? That’s because they don’t just keep putting layers of paint one on top of the other, they completely strip every item before they repaint it.

The resort themes are not just facades, they are over the top. Wherever possible they use authentic items such as many of those in the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge lobbies. They strive for accuracy so that your experience is as real as it can be. A lot of us get kind of hung up staying at the same resort all the time. We did that for a long time and are now trying a different resort each time to experience all that Disney has to offer. Try it, you’ll like it!!!

Landscaping plays a huge part in the overall Disney experience no matter which venue you choose. The landscaping is always groomed where appropriate and always free of trash and general litter. Think about what it takes to maintain your yard and expand that for example to the 43 square miles of the Walt Disney World resort. It’s a monumental task but the results speak for themselves.

Maintenance of the attractions, both for appearance and safety are of the utmost importance. As an example there is a whole crew of Cast Members whose job it is to polish all of the shiny metal surfaces (some of which are real gold) on the Prince Charming Regal Carousel every single night. That demonstrates how important detail is to the Disney company.

A lot of companies under promise and over deliver, unfortunately there are many more who over promise and under deliver. I believe that Disney is not only in the first group but is far and away the leader in the under promise and over deliver group. It’s not that they purposely downplay what they are offering, they just “Plus It” to exceed your expectations. A lot of folks think everything Disney offers is too highly priced but when you think about what it takes to do what they do every day of the year it’s worth every penny. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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