Disney testing new entertainment options in Pleasure Island

This article comes to us from Attractions Magazine:

Disney has been testing some new entertainment options at Downtown Disney for the past few weeks. It seems the Celebrate Tonight show in Pleasure Island which featured DJs and stilt walkers is no longer running. There are some new entertainment options in the area.

During a trip to Pleasure Island last night, many different acts were taking turns entertaining the crowds as Disney managers looked on. Acts were set up in the spot where Celebrate Tonight performed, in front of the old BET Soundstage Club and in the steps in front of the old Adventurers Club. A Disney manager we talked to said they’re trying out some new options and that guests may see these acts in the future, or they may see different ones.

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2 thoughts on “Disney testing new entertainment options in Pleasure Island

  1. They should test out reopening the Adventurers Club! Seedy? Ha. Anyone that thinks the club was seedy obviously never set foot inside.

  2. Is still don't understand why they closed it in the first place … from what I remember it was popular, with tourists and locals, it was a great little evening getaway … the comedy clubs were awesome. Bring back PI WDW .. please 🙂

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