These Disney Stethoscope Covers are Perfect for Any Disney Addict Nurse

Disney Stethoscope Covers

It’s no secret that nurses are heroes to me, their love, dedication, and caring is truly inspiring. When ever I see adorable nursing accessories, especially Disney ones, I’m reminded of some of the people in my life I look up to most. I might have awed, and squealed a little when I saw these incredibly Disney Stethoscope Covers by DDSewHappyScrubs on Etsy!

Since becoming a mom, I’ve always loved when I see nurses wearing fun scrubs with characters, cute badge scrolls, and colorful lanyards. I haven’t seen a lot of stethoscope covers, but I’m always delighted when I see them! Stethoscope covers are also welcoming to nervous patients by giving them something to look at, and adding an element of fun. The designers also says that they add comfort when wearing around your neck, and nurses can use any extra comfort they can get on those long shifts!  The covers are easy to take on and off stethoscopes by sliding over the elastic and easily securing with a Velcro fastening on top.

They have quite a few to choose from, but I picked out a some of my favorites to share with everyone.

Do you know a Disney loving nurse that would love these Disney Stethoscope Covers?

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