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  1. 8

    Rick Lundquist

    go to the TIKI bird show multiple times it is my happy place

  2. 7


    I heard it is under new management.

  3. 6


    Love them! My mother in law would be so upset !

  4. 5


    Love the Tiki Room nice to hear Star wars and toy story and wont be taking everything over

  5. 4

    Graham Coates

    I love the Tiki room loved the update that was done years ago so pleased it’s not ear marked for closing. Disney needs smaller rides that can be enjoyed by all ages and disabilities

  6. 3


    take note- disney is very careful using language like “no plans” and “anytime soon”. that leaves the door wide open for them to make changes at anytime letting them off the hook.

  7. 2

    Dan Star-Stresemann

    YES AWESOME!!! Now how about the BIGGER rumor…The Country Bears Jamboree closing??!! Say it isn’t so:)

  8. 1


    That the first place, I head when I and my family visit WDW! I would miss it very much!

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