Disney Short “Frozen Fever” is a hit

Disney’s new short “Frozen Fever” will be coming out on March 13, 2015 along with the live action, Cinderella. 

The cute and funny short was a nice opening for Cinderella.  Bringing back our favorite characters from Frozen, and full of references to the original.  Olaf, Elsa, Sven and Kristoff are getting ready to celebrate Anna’s birthday. Elsa wants it to be a perfect celebration and plans the perfect day.  But along the way, things get a bit icy as it usually the case whenever Elsa is around.   The short takes us on a tour throughout the castle and town as  Elsa and Anna follow a string to clues and gifts.  Along the way Elsa starts to show signs of a cold and her sneezing causes some unexpected surprises.

Co-Director Chris Buck & Producer Peter Del Vecho talked about the fun in making the short during the press conference.   The idea behind the string came about from a family event where Chris Buck and his wife, used string to lead their kids to their Easter baskets one year and used in the short for Elsa to lead Anna to each of her gifts.    Elsa’s cold also brings us new characters – “snowgies”.  It seems whenever she sneezes “snowgies” (snow boogers) are born.  Little snow critters  available to collect very soon were the hit of the short for most of us!

Loretta Garcia, Entertainment Writer for Chip and co wants to make sure you don’t miss Cinderella and Frozen Fever and check out the video above to meet the “snowgies”.

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