Do you need a Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card?

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Do you need a Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card?

If you are anything like me the answer is a resounding NO! In fact I don’t need any more credit cards!   That doesn’t stop every credit card company on earth from sending me a pre-approved credit application once a week.  Even Disney Visa (aka Chase Card Services) was relentless. The photo of Mickey on the card, designed to draw any Disney Addict in.  Oh wait, I can choose from multiple designs?  I can even pick a Tinkerbell card!  Nope, don’t need it.  They can’t make me, I’ve paid off all my cards.  I will not repeat the mistakes of my early 20’s.

I remained firm for a year.  Shredding every application that came.  Mickey’s smiling face cut into a thousand pieces.  UNTIL…What?  A $200 Disney gift card if I sign up?  How did they know I had a trip planned in 3 months?   That will come in handy for sure.  I will use it towards my trip.  That did it, I was done.  Magic words…Disney Gift Card.  Now I had to open the envelope and see what was involved.  Within a few minutes I had my card design picked out (Where Dreams Come True) and the card was on its way.  My husband won’t care, at least it’s not the Tink card.  I’ll get rid of the Gymboree card, that’s the plan.

Why did I give in?  The Disney Visa has great perks and no annual fee.  Here’s the scoop:

  • You earn 1% of  your purchase totals back in Disney Dollars.  Basically you turn them back into a Disney Gift Card to use at Disney Parks, The Disney Store or  You can also redeem your Disney Dollars for Disney Movie tickets, DVD’s and more.
  • 10% off all purchases over $50 at Disney Parks, Disney Store and  There are some exclusions, especially at Downtown Disney.
  • Special Park Perks at Disney World and Disneyland include a private character meet and greet, free 5 x 7 photo from your PhotoPass card, and 20% off some guided tours.  Disneyland takes it a step further and offers 10% off certain dining locations.  They also offer 10% discount in some of their Downtown Disney District shops and dining.  This includes Alamo Rental Car.
  • Exclusive card member perks like PhotoPass coupons, Free Dining, Resort Packages and more. They change often, so keep an eye out.  Always 0% financing on your vacation.
  • Also available is a premier card with 2% earning On some purchases like gas and groceries.  1% on everything else.  There is however a $49 annual fee.  They do have more card designs available as well.

How did we use our card?

  • First I made a initial purchase in order to send the $200 Disney Gift Card my way.
  • I then credited the money toward my balance due on my upcoming trip.  You could always save for some guilt free shopping at home or at the parks.  
  • I used my Disney Visa to pay for the trip.   Please note, I paid off the card at the first statement to avoid interest.
  • Then as my trip neared I applied online for my Rewards Gift Card.  Which I turned around and spent on souvenirs at Disney World.


MickeyMom Disclaimer:  I don’t work for Visa.  I don’t get anything if I’ve convinced you to get a Disney Visa.  Just because the voice in my head told me to get one, it doesn’t mean you should.  If you are in financial trouble, do not get another credit card.  Do not buy a ton of stuff just to get Disney Dollars.  Do not blame me if you overspend.  Blame Disney Merchandising.

  • Everything You Wanted to know about Disney’s PhotoPass Service (
  • Free Dining Begins- Disney Visa Holders First! (

Do you need a Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card?

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13 thoughts on “Do you need a Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card?

  1. i got the offer concerning the credit card and getting a 200 gift card after the first use. I applied and was given the visa- no one asked me about the code. When I inquired about when I would be receiving the 200 gift card they said that since I ddi not haev the code I will not be able to get this gift card– no if- ands or buts. They said if I find teh code they will honor it– any advice?

  2. So sorry l misses that last sentence!! Lol I just didn’t want people not to know about that great perk!! 🙂

  3. We didn’t go that route because I only got the card two months before our trip. So while I didn’t go into detail, I did note they offer 0% Vacation Financing.

  4. I plan to use mine a lot more before we travel again, we didn’t have much on our rewards card, but we treated ourselves to a couple things with it!

  5. Yes I could have. I personally didn’t do that since I only got my card two months prior to my trip, so didn’t bother. So although I mention 0% Vacation Financing, I did not elaborate since we didn’t take advantage of it. Thanks for clarifying.

  6. Also you failed to mention if you book your trip through Disney and charge it to your Disney Visa you have 6 months interest free to pay off your package you charged to your card. So you could have taken 6 months to pay it and not occurred any interest charges on that amount.

  7. I’ve been using this for 5 years and love it! My accumulated rewards go towards tips at sit down restaurants, extra spending and anything else. So basically, I save for the trip and then once it’s paid for, I use the Visa Rewards for anything needed while on my trip.

    I pay my bill every Friday so I never have a balance 🙂 And, since I use it for everything, balancing the checkbook is easy!

  8. If it wasn’t through Chase, I would sign up for one. I had a HORRIBLE experience with Chase and will no longer use anything associated with them. I know it’s a good reward card, (my mom has one) but there is no way I will ever deal with Chase again.

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