Disney is Remaking Pete’s Dragon

petes dragon

Pete’s Dragon was made all the way back in 1977. Can you believe it’s that old? With the passing of Mickey Rooney yesterday this probably isn’t the best time for them to be working on a remake of this classic tale.

News is that David Lowery is in talks to direct the new remake. You might be thinking that as an odd choice since his last movie was about children fending for themselves in the Pioneer but it really is a perfect fit if you think about the what Pete’s Dragon is about.

This classic movie starred some of the greats like, Shelley Winters, Red Buttons, and of course Mickey Rooney. He was a great talent and will truly be missed.

It isn’t known yet whether Pete’s Dragon will be Lowery’s next movie or if he will start work on another film. When we get more details we will share them.

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