Disney Recipes – Make your own Mickey Mouse Waffles

Everyone loves the Mickey Mouse Waffles.  Who can blame them they are so light, fluffy and delicious. Now you don’t have to wait for your Disney Vacation to sample these delectable delights.

You can make them at home…

After doing some research they are super easy to make and could be apart of your weekend family breakfast routine.

You won’t even miss those trips to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast..Ok that last remark was a stretch but still they simple to make with the right equipment.

The most popular Waffle Maker has to be the VillaWare V5555-01 6-Inch Mickey Wafflemaker. Unfortunately it is very hard to find. I saw a couple on ebay and that was about it.

Another alternative and probably more popular with your kids would be the Mickey Mouse Tasty Baker. The waffles are smaller but your choices of characters are better. You can make all your Playhouse Disney Characters at once.

Also it’s on the Disney Store so you can always catch free shipping or some other kinda special they are running!

Once you have your waffle maker then you need the simple recipe.

Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Directions

For years families have been trying to duplicate the famous Mickey Mouse waffles of Walt Disney World, but something always seems to be lacking. The hidden ingredient is Carbon’s Golden Malted Flour.

Beat eggs and water together, then add flour and mix well. Stir in melted butter and mix well again. Ladle onto waffler, and remove when golden brown.

Top with Powdered Sugar, Fruit or just Maple Syrup and you have yourself a piece of the Disney Magic.

Let us know if you try this out at home, we would love to see any pictures you may have on Facebook.

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  1. Hey, Emeril. Nice post. You know, I've been looking for one of those wafflemakers. I heard that they had some problems with the nonstick coating and stopped selling them. Wish they would again.

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