Disney Quick Tips- Teach Your Children To Recognize Cast Members

Disney Super Greeters

Disney Vacations mean fun-filled days of rides, adventures and family time. Often crowds within the parks build as the day goes on and it can take just a moment to lose track of a family member. Taking precautions and teaching children how to recognize cast members can help in an event where a child cannot locate his or her family.

Familiarize your children with the name tags that cast members wear. Park cast members wear their name tag on the left side of their shirt or costume. Bus drivers display their name tag on the right side of their shirt so guests can read their name as they enter the bus. All cast members wear a name tag no matter what their role within the Disney Parks. The name tags are the same distinct oval shape and helps to identify cast members.

MagicBand technology once fully rolled out, will allow cast members to easily locate and reunite lost family members. If your child is wearing a MagicBand, they can show it to a cast member if they become lost for identification purposes.

For families not using MagicBands, consider purchasing ID tattoos or jewelry for your little ones. Some online companies offer temporary tattoos and ID jewelry that allows you to list your phone number and contact information. For older children, knowing their last name and a parent’s mobile phone number can also be helpful.

Talk to your children about what to do if they become separated from the family in a Disney park:

  • Stay calm.
  • Find the nearest cast member. They can be found in restaurants, stores, at the nearest ride, kiosks and walking around the parks.
  • Tell the cast member that they are lost, give their name and show the MagicBand or ID if they have one.

Cast members within the parks are trained in how to assist lost children. A cast member will walk your child to the nearest Baby Care Center and the staff will proceed to locate your family.

If your child becomes lost, notify a cast member who will alert security and direct you to the Baby Care Center.

Do you have a special technique to teach your children how to recognize Disney cast members? Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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