The Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys Are a Must Have

Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys

Have you become a fan of the latest Spirit Jersey trend from the Disney Parks? I know I’m definetly hooked, they are not only cute, but seriously comfortable. There have been lots of new additions to the collection, and some of the latest are the Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys.

Many of the “specialty” themed Spirit Jerseys are so popular, they sell out almost as soon as they hit the shelves, like the Rose Gold and Minnie Mouse Polka-Dotted ones. I’m sure that the princess ones are hard to keep on the shelves too, because they are incredible! Currently there are four princess themed jerseys available featuring Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel. While some princesses are not featured yet, I’m sure there are more to come if these are popular. Many have wondered why these four are first, and I suspect because they are the first four major Disney Princess chronologically.

Snow White

Snow White is the original Disney Princess, and has a very iconic color motif. This one is the most elaborate of the new jerseys, with a dip dyed ombre effect that goes from blue, to white, to yellow. I love how it beautifully captures the colors of her dress. Red glitter writes “Walt Disney World” or “Disneyland” across the back of the shirt, and a red glitter apple adorns the front. The combination of the dip dye and red glitter completes her iconic color palette perfectly.


Cinderella is well known for her silvery blue ball gown, and of course her glass slipper. This jersey is a beautiful blue that’s quite similar to her iconic gown. Obviously the glass slipper has to make an appearance! You’ll find the glass shoe on the front in silver glitter, while “Walt Disney World”, or “Disneyland” are written in silver glitter on the back.


I love the Aurora jersey because I missed out on the Millennium Pink jersey at the end of last year. While it’s not quite the same pink, there hasn’t been a similar pink one since that rare Spirit Jersey unicorn got away! While I wish this also had the dip dye effect on it for the “Make it Pink”, “Make it Blue” debate, I still love this one. This one has a deep pink glitter for the logo and Disneyland/Walt Disney World writing.


Ariel is another princess with a very distinct color palette, and I feel they nailed it with this shirt too. They jersey is a tealish aqua like the Ariel’s fin, with purple glitter accents. It might not come with a seashell bra, but we still get a seashell on the logo part of the jersey. Just like the other Princess Spirit Jerseys the accenting glitter spells out the park name on the back. It’s a hard choice, but I really think the Ariel jersey is my personal favorite out of these.

You can find these new Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys at select retailers at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks and resorts, but are not available online or on the shopDisney Parks app. For more details on these gorgeous Spirit Jerseys be sure to check out The Disney Fashionista!

Which of these Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys is your favorite?

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