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  1. 4

    Dawn Hopkins Panagos

    I think the idea of turning Maelstrom into a frozen ride would be awful! I definitely would never ride it. Epcot is about the countries not the movies. Frozen belongs in DHS if anywhere.

  2. 3

    Nina M. Andersen

    BTW, I am an annual pass holder and EPCOT is my favorite park!!

  3. 2

    Nina M. Andersen

    EPCOT has more than enough room to leave Maelstrom and put up an additional ride or exhibit for Frozen…I am so disappointed that they are going to destroy the traditional ride…Walt Disney stated that EPCOT would be the world that would never be finished…well, lately all I have been seeing is restructuring of older rides and replacing them with new…why NOT expand…the land that surrounds EPCOT is very capable of handling more…also why not build more countries…that was suppose to happen years ago…and still nothing new with them…Frozen may be here today and very popular but so was Cinderella when it came out…just think if Cinderella was released the same as Frozen…don’t you think the popularity of it would be the same as Frozen…you can’t say that Frozen is the most popular and highest grossing film that Disney has produced…you can’t compare it because the price points were different the merchandise wasn’t as available as it is today and todays population has grown leaps and bounds since Cinderella…so before you go and destroy Norway’s Iconic ride…Think about 10 to 15 years down the road, there will be something bigger, better and brighter…but traditions never die!!!

  4. 1

    Kelley Donellan Sintes

    I wish they would leave Maelstrom alone and put the Frozen ride somewhere else.

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