Disney Planners Make Organizing A Little More Magical

Disney Planners

I love cute daily planners like Happy Planner, and LifePlanner. Imagine my surprise to see that there are adorable new Disney Planners available at the Disney Parks! These planners come in three varieties, and each one is fabulous in its own way.

The planners come in pink, blue, and purple, and each one has it’s own kind of theme. They are available for $17.99 at select locations, and I have to admit I’m having a hard time choosing which one I want most! These are coil bound, and do not have removable or interchangeable pages.

The pink one says “I’m Obsessed With Disney Parks”. This is a freestyle journal type with lots of room to write what ever you like.

The backsplash for the pages of this one has a Disney castle!

The purple one is a vacation planner! The top of this planner says “I’m way too excited to go to a Disney Park vacation planner”, and honestly aren’t we all? This beautiful planner has checklists to help you plan the best vacay ever.

This one has pages for you to keep track of your experiences, and plan your trip.

Last but not least is the blue one, which is a daily planner. The top of this planner reads “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”. This quote is from the iconic Carousel of Progress attraction, and is honestly one of the best Disney inspired quotes for a planner ever.

This one has pages with boxes that say:

  • “Should Have Done Yesterday” – This one would be a popular one for me that will always be full.
  • “Should Have Done Today”
  • “Should Do Tomorrow”
  • “Do Whenever” – Honestly, this is a procrastinator like me’s dream planner!

These fun Disney Planners are a great way to add a little extra Disney magic to your daily life! Which one is your favorite?

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