What is a Disney Pin Code and How do you get one?

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People ask me all the time what is a Disney Pin Code? The second question in that sequence is usually How do I get one? While the first question is pretty easy the 2nd one takes a little work, but here goes…

A Disney Pin Code is a special discount Disney sends to you to entice you to book a Disney Vacation. Most Pin Code deals start rolling out when Disney is running a special promotion (like now). Usually the deals are better than the offers that are out there to make it hard not to want to book a vacation. I know the ones I have received in the past have been room-only discounts, room upgrades or free dining offers.

Keep in mind with these special discounts that Disney sends out at random they are stickily for YOU! They come with a special code at the bottom that only you can use.

I have yet to figure out WHO or WHY people receive them. For the longest time I thought it was people who haven’t been to Disney in a while. But that was debunked by some friends that goto Disney all the time. While there is no sure-fire way to get a Disney Pin Code I am going to offer up a few tricks I have done that I think has nabbed me several Disney Pin codes in my email & mail box over the years.

  1. Head over to the Disney World or Disneyland site and create an account. My suggestion would be create and account for yourself and then one for your spouse, partner, kids, etc. Just so long as you can get to the email account. I did one for my work email, @chipandco.com, and one for my gmail account.
  2. Order a Disney Planning DVD. I do this every year. It’s free and doesn’t cost you a thing. When you get it make up some popcorn and have a fun Disney Family Night watching it.
  3. Play around on the Disney Websites. Create a vacation and save it. Browse deals and offers. Just make sure your logged in. Disney monitors all the things you do on their site so believe they are watching you.
  4. Register for Giveaways. I post a lot of Disney Giveaways on the Chip and Company site so be sure to enter them and again make sure you are logged in. Just bookmark the Chip and Co site and check back with us daily.
  5. Book a Disney Vacation. If you use a travel agent they will register you in the Disney Database and once you are in the system cross your fingers.
  6. Disney’s Memory Makers (Photopass). Make sure you have an account there as well. I highly recommend using this service at the parks and make sure you use a valid email address for your account. You know the Disney Marketing Machine has to share emails between its other departments.
  7. Become a fan on Facebook & Twitter. Pretty much any place you can follow Disney do it. Oh and don’t forget to check us out too!
  8. Sign up for Disney Movie Rewards. Not only do you get to earn point for prizes, they also offer some great sweepstakes to enter.
  9. Inquire about the Disney Vacation Club.  Next time you are at Disney stop by one of the booths and check them out. I know many times you will get something for free if you check them out. One day we will have the money to signup but for now we just dream about becoming a member.
  10. Be patient. While you may not get one right away just keep plugging away. Eventually you might get one. You could try calling Disney and asking. Many times people have Pin Codes on their account but for one reason or another they never get notified. Never hurts to call and ask. 

I know for me it has taken several years to get one but now they come in pretty regular. I would say on average we get them once a year. I know some people get more but it’s nice to get that letter in the mail offering the Chip and Co family a really good deal on our next Disney Vacation.

Good Luck!

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10 thoughts on “What is a Disney Pin Code and How do you get one?

  1. I have been lucky enough to be on the pin code list for a while now. I booked our trip last summer and asked the lady at Disney if there were any discounts we were eligible for and she told me that the pin codes are linked with my account so I don’t even have to have the code itself when I call. So they are specifically linked to an account. That one discount saved us enough to take my mom with us on her first trip!

  2. As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner myself, I disagree with you. When you book with an agent, Disney still gets your email address and your home address. I book many first time WDW guests and past Disney guests that have gotten a Pin Code alike. And, I transfer many guests who are already booked with me, to their new Pin Code offer. So, guests are getting these Pin Codes even when they are already booked or have booked in the past through an agent.

  3. We’ve done everything on the list, and have never received a single pin code 🙁 . I was sure that answering in-park and online surveys would do it if nothing else did, but nada. So, we finally joined dvc. 🙂

  4. Im beginning to think its very random. My 9 year old Daughter just got a pin code mailed to her in her name. All she has done is visit Disney world twice. She isn’t registered with any websites and she doesn’t participate in any sweepstakes.

  5. It is so funny that you posted this the other day. I read it and did everything on this list in hopes of someday getting a code. I got home from work on Friday and you will never guess what was in the mail for me. I THINK I GOT MY FIRST PIN CODE!!!! It was offering up to 35% off select hotels or a free dining plan. Then it says, “Mention your PIN:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” So am I right? Is this a true pin code?!?!?!

  6. I got a pin code just this week for free dining OR a 35% room discount. Wish I could use it, but the dates are very limited on the offer and we just aren’t able to go this time of year. 🙁 BTW, I do all the things listed in this article, and get PIN codes by snail mail or email once or twice a year.

  7. I don’t think I have ever received a pin code. I have done all but the DVC so I guess they just don’t think I need a special deal from them! And we have the Disney Visa. Hopefully soon, then we can book again. Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep an eye out for a code.

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