Disney Pays Tribute to Animal Care

Disney is paying tribute to its science and environment cast members who care for the thousands of animals at Animal Kingdom, as well as at Epcot and throughout all of the Disney Parks and Resorts. During National Zookeeper week it is a perfect time to shine a light on all the hard work each of the animal keepers, ranch hands, water scientists, aquarists, nutritionists, behaviorists, and all of the veterinary, and administrative teams do day in and day out to care for the animals.

Vet Hospital Animal Kingdom

These dedicated individuals hale from all over the world.  With that, they bring a vast amount of experience and skill with them to care for these animals. Conservation is also a very high priority for these cast members. They work tirelessly to do whatever they can do to save endangered species and educate guests on how they can help, and changes they can put in place to make a difference. Right now there is the Protect the Pride campaign for instance. It is working to try and help increase the dwindling lion population and the Disney conservation fund has raised over 1.5 million for already.

It is no easy undertaking what these cast members do, caring for the well being of the animals is a nonstop job, 24/7 every day of the year. These devoted individuals ensure the wellbeing of the animals is always the top priority. Some of their responsibilities range from cleaning barns to training animals to participate in their own care, to planning and prepping their meals, diving into aquariums, or as extensive as performing medical procedures and surgeries. Over in Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you can actually watch them as they perform some of these medical procedures. You can see first hand how much they care for these animals as they work so delicately, and compassionately with them.

It is remarkable how passionate the team is to these animals. With over 1,700 animals that represent 250 different species, it is no easy feat to care for all these animals. The caretakers at Disney make it possible with their passion and dedication and this week we celebrate them. To learn more about the amazing animals and their caretakers, and ways you can help make a difference visit DisneyAnimals. Let us know @ChipandCo what has been your favorite animal or zookeeper encounter at Disney?

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Jenna-lee Languirand