What is Your “Disney Moment”?

What is a Disney Moment?  I’m going to channel my inner Disney therapist and try to explain it.  This isn’t based on any kind of professional training or education, just a few trips to Disney World.

Disney Moment:  A Disney Moment is the Moment you realize you are in Disney. All the worries and cares leave you, and the outside world does not exist.  Cell Phones are only used for line phone apps, the World is at your fingertips with one plastic card, and its OK to wear Mickey Ears.

Your Disney Moment can be anything.  Smells, Sights, Sounds.  Something that clicks inside and you know that you have arrived.  For many of us, arriving at a place we consider “home”.

So what is your Disney Moment?  

  •  Boarding the Magical Express?
  • Getting your Key to the World Card?
  • Driving under that Walt Disney World Sign?
  • Walking down Main Street U.S.A.?
  • Standing between DCA & Disneyland?
  • A Favorite Ride?
  • A Favorite Food?
  • Seeing that Certain Character?
  • Purchase something at the Gift Shops?

This is an interactive article folks, mostly so I can meet my deadline without actually doing much writing.  Please, give me your moments in the Comments section!  Sharing is one way to get in the Disney Spirit.

MickeyMom is a mom to 2 Disney Addicts in Training.  Her Mickey Moment is when she unwraps the Mickey soap in the hotel.  Weird, but True.

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