Disney Magic Brought to Woman Battling Brain Cancer

Disney Magic Brought to Woman Battling Brain Cancer. Grab the tissues for this one folks, you are gonna need them! Lori Ebert-Tyworth was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer in 2019 and had been planning a trip to Walt Disney World in May 2020 with her family. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Lori’s declining health, the family chose to cancel their upcoming trip.

When members of their community learned of this, they rallied together to create a special Disney inspired parade in honor of Lori.

The parade took just over a week to coordinate and the Ebert-Tyworth family were completely surprised by the outpouring of love and support from their community. They were serenaded with popular Disney songs, themed cars, and special gifts from various members of their community.

“Disney’s huge for my mom and dad,” her son, Andrew Ebert, said. “That’s where they went on their honeymoon. They’ve always been huge Disney fans, huge Star Wars fans. They were going to go and kind of relive some of the magic, give her some of that magic before she can’t see it anymore because she’s losing her sight, because of where the tumor is.”

Lori’s son, Andrew, is credited with the idea and with the assistance of Lori’s supervisor at work, Kris Meyer, the two coordinated the special vehicle parade with more and more volunteers joining the list everyday.

“By the end of the day Saturday, it had blown up creatively because of Mya and Chad and Dawn and Kelly. It had progressed into the parade. We got entertainment, antique fire trucks and police cars and all sorts of ideas for what we could do with the lawn,” Kris Meyer shared. “People have been fabulous. They’ve been emailing ‘How can I help? How can I volunteer?'”

“For me the goal is for her to see as many familiar loving faces as possible,” Andrew Ebert added. “I was going to be happy with maybe 20 people coming by in Disney gear and saying hi, and then it turned into all this.”

“A treasure chest, which was handmade by Mike Swires and filled with Disney memorabilia, was among the surprises for Lori Ebert-Tyworth and her family on Saturday.” – State College

Pastry chef Heather Luse created the tiered Disney cake, while the cups were made by Shawn and Bryan Swires. Photo by Geoff Rushton | StateCollege.com

“It’s such a wonderful outpouring from so many good friends and family,” said Lori after the surprise parade concluded. “I’m so glad to spend this time with all of you. Things are getting a little bit harder, but we’re going to keep fighting and having a great time together.”

Brb, crying real ugly tears as I type this… You can watch the full parade in the video shared below:

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Featured Photo Credit: State College/Geoff Rushton

Source: State College

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