Video: Disney Guest goes off on Cast Member for moving her stroller

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Disney World

This video is going viral on TikTok by user @maddieisraddie showing a guest going off on a Disney Cast Member for moving her stroller in the Magic Kingdom.

The caption of the video reads:

Karen has MASSIVE freakout at Disneyworld

Check out the video below

Fans online are showing their support of the Cast Member who just stood there and took it from this Disney Guest. I don’t know that I could have just stood there, I believe I would have just walked away…

Video: Disney Guest goes off on Cast Member for moving her stroller

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So back to the video at hand, what do you think of the Disney Guest going off on the Cast Member? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Disney Guest goes off on Cast Member for moving her stroller

  1. It’s absolutely disgusting the way in which some people feel it ok to treat CM’s! I’m certain she wouldn’t have done this if the CM was out of uniform and in a Bar!

    So many people are saying how it’s losing/lost it’s Magic at WDW – it’s people like her that kill the magic ?

    I used to work in Hotels and certain Guests thought they could treat you like dirt, like you where their slave because “they’ve paid a lot of money!”

    In a world where we’ve just come through a Pandemic.. can everyone just be “Kind”. Surely that’s not too much to ask…

  2. Time to have a permanent vacation from WDW. Very embarrassing behavior. Hopefully her kids have more respect. Social media facilitates this kind of behavior (phone in hand). Possibly looking for something from Disney if she can rattle the cast member.

  3. This must be that lady’s first trip to a Disney park, ever. And it should be her last ever. That’s just despicable. Having your stroller moved happens all the time- even if it is parked in the correct space. The first time we needed to have a stroller at Disney we came out of a ride and our stroller was not where we left it. We were a little confused and nervous, but we asked a cast member who nicely explained that where we’d had our stroller was not actual stroller parking (we didn’t realize because of all the other strollers people had left in that spot) and so it had been moved to an official stroller area. She took us to that area and pointed out the signs to look for to make sure our stroller was in the correct areas going forward, and even helped us find our stroller. She also gave us the heads up that even within the stroller parking area they move the strollers as people pick theirs up to make room for new guests and all that. We were so relieved our stroller wasn’t stolen, a little sheepish feeling over not having noticed the stroller area signs, and very grateful for the patience the CM had with us and all the helpful info she gave us. Never any reason to flip out and berate any CM. I’m in so many different Disney groups, and there hasn’t been a single one where tips about strollers haven’t been mentioned numerous times. Tons of people always giving tips on how to more easily find your stroller in a sea of strollers, and to make sure you are only leaving your stroller in the designated areas. So this woman appears to have done zero research into planning her trip, but then blamed that poor CM for her incompetence and lack of planning. Or this isn’t her first trip and she’s just a b*+<#. Either way, she’s a crummy human being and security should have escorted her out and she should be banned. I personally as a fellow guest would have said something to her in defense of the CM and had someone from my group find another CM and tell them to call security.

  4. These people are ridiculous for first of all thinking they can leave their stroller any where they want to, for treating any other person in that way, and for having her freaking phone camera on it the whole time as if she thought the cast member would react badly when she was the one acting badly. I watched that video praying to see a Disney security team escort her away.

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